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International Shipping
Do you ship to my country?
  Yes we do! We ship everything via USPS, so as long as USPS ships there, so do we.

Currently, we can't ship Express Mail to the Czech Republic or Russia, but First Class and Priority are still options.
What are my shipping charges?
  All of our packages are shipped via USPS. To see your shipping options, just add the items that you'd like to your cart and your options will be visible.

Just like domestic orders, we offer First Class, Priority, and Express Mail:

First Class Mail is only available for lightweight packages that are 4lbs and below with a content total of up to $300. If your total weight exceeds the maximum allowed, the option may not be visible. There is no tracking available for this options meaning that once it leave our local post office system, we are unable to provide package tracking information. Packages usually arrive in 1-2 weeks but can take as long as 6-8 weeks if there are hold ups in customs.

Priority Mail is available for all package weights up to $300 in value. Tracking is limited with Priority Mail and is only available for while the package is in the U.S. Once it leaves the country, tracking will no longer be available. Packages usually take about 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Express Mail is the fastest shipping option we offer. It also includes full tracking. You'll be able to track the package through the U.S. all the way to delivery. Express Mail can take as little as a few business days to arrive.

Please note that whoever receives that package is responsible for paying any applicable duties or taxes on the products - including if it's being shipped as a gift. We do not mark packages as gifts, nor do we falsify the total value of the package. All of the package contents will be listed on the outside of package as part of the customs form.
I think that my package is lost.
  Most international packages will arrive in 1-2 weeks; however, some can take up to 8 weeks if it gets caught up in customs.

Make sure that you check with your local customs office first. If you give them your tracking or package number, they can tell you if it's in their system and if there's a reason for the hold up. If they can't find it, let us know and we'll do what we can to track it down with USPS. 

If you selected the First Class shipping option, there is unfortunately no tracking that can be done. This is the tradeoff that happens with the cheaper shipping option.

If it's been a while and the package still hasn't shown up, we ask that you wait up to 60 days and check with your customs office again. We can't process a claim with our shipping insurance until at least 60 days have passed. Until then, there isn't really much that we can do.